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Daniel Wilde is a writer based in Missoula, Montana where he is a campus life director for Youth for Christ and also serves under the leadership of Tay and MeZootown Church along with his beautiful fiancé Taylor. His work has appeared in Fur-Fish-Game, and he is a regular contributor to Bravery Magazine  and  Life Notes: the cafe blog. He desires to use his talents and passions to wake people up to the reality of Jesus in this world.

He got called to ministry at a Bible Camp in high school. After running from that call for a few years, God made it too clear to ignore. One (dark and snowy) Thursday evening as he walked into Zootown Church for the first time, God clearly spoke to him, “You have something special to offer, don’t hide in the shadows.” The next morning he woke up and created this blog to do just that.

His goal is to share the truth of God and His Word. He desires to write biblically, whether that is a popular view or unpopular view on an issue. The goal is not to just write something that resonates well with people and is the “right” or “Christian” thing to say. But to write what is biblical and truthful to God’s Word.

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Heather

    Great blog, Daniel! Love seeing men of God serving selflessly! Feel free to contact me at the above email and I’ll connect you with some more writing opportunities. (P.S. I’m not a weird creepy lady…I met your mom in Ocala.)

  2. Amber

    Btw, me and my first husband were married in the Catholic Church. We went to all the classes and took a 200 question compatibility test that included sex questions. The passion and the love was there – the mechanical pieces were not.

  3. Amber

    I think what you have written about “I didn’t wait for my future spouse, and you shouldn’t either” was a very nice piece on doing the right thing for the right reasons. However, after my own personal experiences, I found a much deeper layer to this that confused and hurt and angered me so much that it negatively affected my faith in God for a time. I have two girls that I have to try to explain sex to in this context and pray that they don’t run into the same issues I had – issues where they understand that God makes the request for sexual purity for practical reasons (to protect them and their future choices) as well as a spiritual purity requirement for His pleasure and because of his Holiness. Yet, me and my first husband were not sexually compatible, or genetically compatible for that matter as we unexpectedly had two children with genetic disorders; even though I waited to have sex with him as my one and only husband. It was not fair what happened to us, and I don’t know why God permitted it to happen. I can only explain that I know He knew it would happen and the onus was on me to accept the situation and still trust Him. I got through the situation, but my first husband and I are divorced after 8 years of marriage. Not long after, I married a different man who had way too many sexual experiences prior to me in his youth simply because he could; but now that he is older and wants to have a family, and find his faith, our marriage relationship works (8 years now together as well). We have healthy kids and a great sex life. One that is more satisfying than I had ever experienced in my first marriage simply because I was naive and didn’t know what sex was supposed to be like in the first place. I felt stupid and cheated for a few years. I am still a tad resentful because I ended up hurting my first husband who really was my best friend. Sex is a BIG deal. It is an activity that is so basic yet so substantial, so influential and so impactful. It is a very powerful force in the human experience. Once of the greatest blessings God gave us. But if you have all the wrong ideas about it, it can really have a terrible effect on your life. There isn’t always a good way to avoid the bad issues – sometimes you just have to work through them. But the good news is, at the end of those issues, God is still there.

  4. Ashley Danielle

    I randomly just found your blog on FB, and find what you do to be more than inspiring. Thank you for putting “yourself” out there, such as your thoughts and experiences. Keep doing what you are doing because this world could use a little more of it.

  5. Stephanie

    I’m not a deeply religious person, but I do believe. The beautiful way you write about God encourages me to become a better person and Christian. Thank you for your simple words, they mean so much to lost followers like me.

  6. Nooey

    Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, it is important to be sure of what our intent is, not just what’s expected. I always thought that God made me the way I am to be a wife and mother. I am very maternal and loving. I have waited…and waited…and waited. I am waiting on God. It is hard to keep waiting when you are 44 and alone. I have done what I thought God wanted me to do. I followed those scriptures. I’m still alone. I think we all need to be aware of the time and strength waiting takes. I pray that you are blessed in your future marriage.

  7. Holl


    It is encouraging and reassuring to read your blog…
    I am struggling with being single and living by myself.

    I have no problems attracting and going out with the good looking, wrong guys…
    However, I just am old fashioned and it is just tough.

    I will hold out for the right guy, thanks to you and your words.

    Kindly spoken,


  8. Brennan

    It says that you are a published writer? is there a book out or just the awesome blogs? Great work btw, very inspiring and you aren’t afraid to dive deep!

      1. Brennan

        awesome! keep doing what you are doing, just stumbled upon your recent post off of facebook but Ive been reading others and love what I’m reading! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Quincy

    Thanx for the encouragement, we always put ourselves first and then God second. Thanx for reminding me about my first priority and love, God. For the bible tells us to seek Him first and every other thing including marriage and happiness shall be added into us. Thank you


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